Are Sleep Masks Bad For Your Eyes: Beauty Sleep Secrets

Getting a good night’s rest is hard enough without adding to your worries with your sleep routine. Should you be worried about whether your eye masks are bad for your eyes? Whether your mask pressed too tight and caused some blurry vision, or you got a stye, the mask is suspect. However, you’re probably approaching the problem from the wrong angle if you think your mask is to blame. Most of the time, sleep mask-related issues are a case of user error. By adjusting and cleaning your mask, you can prevent or minimize almost any trouble that occurs. I’ll walk you through the most common complications and how to prevent them with simple changes in the mask style or fit so you can get back to your beauty sleep worry-free.

Are sleep masks bad for your eyes? Sleep masks are not bad for your eyes. Although improper use of a sleep mask can have a few minor complications, overall, sleep masks are a helpful and healthy addition to any sleeper’s schedule. However, if you have issues with yours, make sure you’ve cleaned and adjusted it properly, or try switching to a different style. 

Why Everyone Should Have a Sleep Mask

Before we get into how badly fitted and cared for sleep masks are bad for your eyes, let’s take a look at the many benefits. A good sleep mask can make a huge difference in your ability to get the rest you need. In fact, some people cannot sleep without them. The darkness they provide helps increase melatonin production.

First and most obvious, a sleep mask blocks the light. Since your body is designed to wake up when it sees daylight, the benefit of sleeping in full darkness is pretty self-explanatory. A nice, softcover over your eyes can let you get a nap, deal with streetlights in a hotel, or any other situation where the lighting is suboptimal for sleep.

In addition to the light-blocking qualities, some sleep masks take this a step further. Some excellent sleep masks also help block out sound. By offering your body an interruption-free rest period, you are less likely to wake up or sleep restlessly.

Try the Pure Enrichment® Wave™ Sound Therapy Eye Mask from Amazon. This cleverly designed mask is extremely comfortable as well. Made from micro mink (not an animal product), it has a soft texture against your skin. Most importantly, it blocks light and unwanted sound. You can choose from a Bluetooth connection for music or three white noise settings. To learn more, click here. 

If you need a nap and have somewhere to be, you know that pillows and accidental makeup smearing can be problematic. With the right sleep mask, in a style surrounding but not touching your eyes, this problem disappears. You won’t need to worry about accidentally smudging your eyeliner before that big meeting.

Masks can help prevent dry eyes and styes. Depending on the style, they can also be better for your skin. For example, silk masks are smooth and help prevent overnight wrinkling. Furthermore, they are tremendously beneficial for your health.

Getting proper sleep can increase memory, decrease stress, and help you live your best life. Better still, a mask isn’t addictive or hard on your kidneys. Unlike pills or a nightcap, there’s no negative downside for your body to heal or handle.

Finally, your sleep mask is portable. Unlike blackout curtains or other permanent home-light blocking solutions like bed tents, you can easily carry your sleep mask anywhere. Whether you’re taking a plane, staying at a hotel, or visiting friends and family, you can get the sleep you need without the stress you should avoid.


Sleep Mask Problems That Are Bad For Your Eyes

While sleep masks are not bad for your eyes, some people can have trouble with them. Typically this is easily remedied by changing how the mask is worn or the style. For example, those prone to styes may want a heating mask instead of a hard-to-wash fabric that merely sits on the face to block light.

If you have insomnia, then virtually any sleep mask is better than none. However, some masks can be too drying. Cotton can wick away natural moisture leading to wrinkles, dry eye, and discomfort for some people.

For those with long eyelashes, or difficulty growing them, any mask that sits directly against the eye can exacerbate eyelash issues. Masks that don’t sit directly on the eye or very lightweight options are best for this problem. Additionally, you may want to add a lash growth serum or a lash moisturizer to your regular skincare routine.

Similarly, some people find that masks cause issues with breakouts and facial eczema. Make sure you wash your masks often and choose one that doesn’t bother your skin. Silk masks are great for a light touch on the skin.

A lightweight, easy to clean Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask can help you avoid eye problems. The pure mulberry slip silk feels light and luxurious on your skin instead of weighty like some masks. The silk in these masks is held to incredibly high standards, and custom made just for these masks. Moreover, they are both durable and gentle enough to help keep self-care and beauty products in place while you rest. Read the exceptional Amazon reviews right here

Another frequent issue that comes up is blurred vision. Masks the weigh too much or those which are worn too tight can cause this. Pushing on your eyeballs for hours on end can cause temporary reshaping, affecting how you see like someone who wears glasses. Eyes that are not perfect spheres perceive things differently. Fortunately, your eyes should readjust over time. Still, it’s best not to continue putting too much pressure on your eyes.

Furthermore, an overly tight mask can leave fabric lines on the skin after sleeping. These annoying red marks aren’t permanent, but they last a few minutes to a couple of hours. For some, these lines cause discomfort, and they are utterly unsightly.

The only serious concern for a good, well-fitting, appropriate sleep mask is that you may oversleep. Because your eyes won’t pick up any daylight, it can prevent your natural circadian rhythm from getting the proper cues. Resultantly, I strongly recommend using an alarm clock.

Pro-tip, you may want a low light solution to allow your eyes to adapt more slowly, especially when you first begin using a sleep mask. If you’re not used to sleeping in full darkness, the light from, say, a hundred-watt overhead bulb can be a little upsetting. Grab a small lamp and install a lower wattage lightbulb for a more comfortable transition from deep sleep to fully awake and rested.

Choose The Right Sleep Mask For Your Eyes

Any mask could be right for you, but not every style will be. To avoid sleep masks that are bad for your eyes, you need to consider your skin, sleep habits, and any predispositions you may have, such as styes, acne, eczema, or merely rubbing at your eyes frequently. The smartest way to select your sleep mask is to take a holistic approach.

All masks should provide the same basic sleep assistance by blocking light. Any mask that can’t live up to this essential requirement should automatically go in the trash. Instead, look at the fabric, fit, and features.

Skip cotton and polyesters in cheap masks. Go with silk, microfiber, micro mink, or satin for a more comfortable solution. Silk is especially good for avoiding makeup smears and relaxing the skin around the eyes into smooth, line-free sleep. Meanwhile, the micro mink is extremely fuzzy and comforting.

The way a mask sits on your nose can change the comfort level more extremely than you might expect. It’s okay to try out more than one style. Likewise, you’re going to want an adjustable strap so you can choose the fit. Avoid cheap masks with a basic one-size-fits-all elastic band. Decide whether you want a mask that lays flat over your eyes to have an indent or a full eyecup.

Manta Sleep Mask from Amazon is a superb example of a no-eye-pressure mask. In addition to blocking a hundred percent of light, this mask is also machine washable. The modal eyecups are breathable and sit comfortably around your eye socket, so your eyes, skin cream, or makeup aren’t covered in fabric. Best of all, they offer your money back if you don’t get ‘the deepest sleep of your life.’ Have a Manta delivered to your door by clicking here. 

Look at features like moisturizing, heat, and even cooling gel inserts based on your skincare needs. Cool masks tend to help undereye circles, while heat and moisture help with dry, itchy eyes and styes. Whatever feels the most comfortable to you, there’s a sleep mask for that.


Final Thoughts

Before you put on any sleep mask, you need to look at the variations and their intended use. From masks with no direct pressure to your eye sockets to silk masks that relax the skin around your eyes, there’s a style for everyone. Take the time to figure out what sort of mask is most beneficial to you.

Please don’t overtighten your sleep mask. Pressure on your eyes can cause blurry vision. Moreover, it can also press your eyelashes into uncomfortable positions and affect how they grow, which can have negative consequences. The right fit is crucial to sleep mask use.

Even when a product seems simple and intuitive to rise, there are proper ways to use it. Ensure your sleep mask is clean and the correct type for your needs before you drift off to dreamland.

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