Do Acne Scars Ever Go Away: Truth and Beauty Revealed

Whether it is one new red mark or a lifetime of serious damage, we all wonder whether our acne scars ever go away. Most smaller scars from your childhood will tend to fade and disappear after a while, but as your skin ages, those spots seem to take longer and stay more noticeable. By the time you reach your teen years and adulthood, all scaring types may stick around longer. Will the blemishes ever just disappear, and if not, can you do anything about it? I’ll walk you through the process of minimizing acne scars and show you how to handle the marks you already have so you don’t need to live with a lifetime of acne reminders in the mirror every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help stop scars from forming, and even more to get rid of the scars you already have.

Do acne scars ever go away? Some acne scars will go away over time. However, the larger and deeper a scar is, the less likely your body can simply get rid of it without help. Luckily, you don’t have to ‘live with it.’ There are plenty of methods for removing acne scars permanently. 

Do Acne Scars Fade With Time

Light, shallow surface scars from acne may fade away with time, but not all do. If you are developing acne scars, it’s vital to nip the process in the bud and start treating the cause right away. Once you’ve gotten your skin cleared up, you can move on to scar removal.

Notably, most or all acne scar removal methods shouldn’t be used on open wounds. Unfortunately, acne is a small infection on the skin, and it qualifies as an open wound until it is healed. You can’t start removing scars until you remove what’s causing them.

People with severe acne and inflamed spots are more likely to scar. Also known as cystic, nodular, or nodulocystic acne, severe acne sufferers will almost certainly need to see a dermatologist and get a prescription treatment.

According to Verywellhealth, “Severe acne can happen at any age and in both men and women. Besides the face, breakouts can happen on your back, neck, chest, and shoulders.” If you feel like you have excessive acne, it’s important to take extra steps to control it.

Some Scars Aren’t Permanent

When you’ve had a zit, a brownish or reddish area that lingers can cause alarm. Fortunately, for most people, these marks are temporary. Moreover, you can also use a product that helps minimize skin discoloration and fade those marks faster.

Similarly, areas of dry skin where a zit was may look like scars, but they’re often just spots where the skin below is still healing. While dry skin patches can hide a scar for a short time, they are not scars independently. Don’t pick these off. It would help if you left them until they slough off your skin with normal exfoliation as you clean your face.

Help Your Body Heal

Before you can make sure those acne scars go away, it’s important to get to the source. Acne is the likely culprit. However, you may be making it worse by picking, popping, or simply ignoring the problem.

For those with only a few small marks, it’s easy to cover them with makeup, but that’s a temporary solution that contributes to a long-term problem. Sadly some people suffer from much more severe acne. Either way, the solution starts with prevention. However, if you’re starting to see scarring, then make sure you discuss this with your dermatologist rather than playing a guessing game with your face.

Stop picking and popping. Leaving your zits alone can help prevent tissue damage. Regrettably, covering them with a bunch of makeup will only clog your pores further. Instead, get a good dermatologist-recommended wash for your skin type and acne, and use it. Moisturize with a cream that doesn’t clog pores, and stop ‘messing with’ your zits unless applying a topical treatment.

If necessary, get a prescription from your doctor to get rid of the acne. Likewise, carry cleansing wipes in your purse or backpack and use them to keep dirt, bacteria, sweat, and excess oil off your face throughout the day. Don’t leave anything on your skin that will counteract your efforts to ditch the problem bacteria and unclog your pores.

Finally, talk to your doctor about what dietary adaptations you can make to help your skin look its best. Avoid sugars and refined carbs like bread and pasta since they cause an insulin spike, which can, in turn, tell your body to produce more oil. Dairy and saturated fats also won’t do your skin any favors.

Replace those unhealthy foods with whole grains like quinoa, and add more raw fruits and veggies. Dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent choice, along with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, nuts, beans, and lentils—swap high-fat meats for salmon and turkey.

Acne In Other Areas

Not all acne, nor all acne scars form on the face. Although this is the most common area, damaged tissue and acne can occur anywhere. If you’re concerned about scarring from acne on other parts of your body, you should treat it the same as facial acne.

First, don’t pick and see a dermatologist. Second, always use an approved product that is made for your skin type and acne. Lastly, prescription acne medication and dietary changes will help with this.

Remember to wash and exfoliate regularly all over your body. Consider switching your wardrobe to fabrics that wick away sweat and carry some cleansing body wipes with you as well. You may not avoid dirt and sweat, but you can remove it promptly and regularly to help cut down on bacteria and clogged pores.

Natural Treatments for Acne Scars

Getting rid of acne scars doesn’t just happen, but you can use natural, non-surgical solutions to help your skin. Start with clean skin and facial (or body) massage where the scars are. By working the skin, you increase blood flow, which promotes healing. Try doing this every day with a facial roller or your fingers.

Not only will a massage feel great and relax your face, but it makes an ideal first step in any beauty or skincare regimen. By now, you should already be using a medication or dermatologist recommended wash and moisturizer, so you’re pre-gaming as it were for better skin health and less scaring. Next up, consider adding an acne scar treatment cream.

I recommend Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream from Amazon. This minty, pleasantly tingly face cream has proven results. Within days you should see fewer breakouts, even with cystic acne, and your scars will begin to fade. Using organic compounds to clear up your skin and remove scars is a smart and non-invasive way to put your best face forward. Learn more by clicking here.

Deeper and older scars may need more treatment than a new, shallow mark. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways to treat your face and help reduce or destroy acne scars. Using a microdermabrasion machine at home helps many people. By removing dead skin cells and helping keep skin clear, it aids in preventing future breakouts. Furthermore, microdermabrasion users often see fine lines and wrinkles reduces, and acne scars reduced or removed.

My favorite is the NewDermo 2-IN-1 Microdermabrasion Machine. Not only is this model safe and effective for all skin types, but it’s clinically proven as well. You’ll love how portable and easy to use this is for great skin anywhere you go. Best of all, NewDermo offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out worry-free. See the Amazon reviews for yourself when you click here. 

For the most serious acne scars, you may need to take it a step further. Salons and dermatologists offer many treatments like fillers and microneedling to reduce and remove scars. However, you can try out a milder version from the comfort of your own home easily. When you microneedle, you use a roller with very sharp, short needle points to puncture the skin. Doing this stimulates blood flow below the surface and triggers collagen production, which is what keeps young skin so smooth.

Pick up an Epiluxe Perfect Ten Kit from Amazon with the rose-quartz jade roller, face serum, and a microneedling roller in one. This clever set makes a perfect gift for your self-care routine or a friend from relaxation to scar treatment. Plus, Epiluxe has a replacement or refund guarantee for the first thirty days, so it’s a risk-free way to treat your face and your acne scars. Have a Perfect Ten Kit delivered to your door by clicking right here.

Final Thoughts

No one likes looking at their acne scars. For many of us, these flaws on the face are an embarrassment that you would happily do without. Yet, many people don’t realize that getting rid of acne scars is an option.

You can choose a single method or combine different techniques you learned here for better results. Everyone’s skin is unique, so you may need to try different solutions to find what works for you. Be patient, it takes time to remove scars, but they will fade if you stick to it. However, if you’re not sure what to try, or it’s not working the way you’d hoped, you can always talk to a dermatologist for more advice on how to remove acne scars.

Don’t settle for looking and feeling less than your best. Instead, minimize your acne and scarring, and then treat the remaining marks so they’ll fade and disappear just like the zits that created them.

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