How Much Does a Cryotherapy Machine Cost: Value and Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

It’s all the rage, and the results are undeniable, but professional cryotherapy isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, you can get a similar result at home on a smaller scale, but how much does it cost for a handheld cryotherapy machine? When it comes to advances in beauty therapy, there are always new and intriguing methods, but cryo is a proven technology that’s well worth the investment. Still, no one wants to break the bank to look good. I’ll explain the differences between a home cryotherapy machine and those huge devices you see at the spa. You’d be surprised how affordable it can be to look your best. Everyone should feel great in their skin, and cryotherapy machines are a superb way to tighten skin, reduce pore size, and so much more.

How much does a cryotherapy machine cost? A home cryotherapy wand should cost less than fifty dollars. While the features and functionality vary, using cold to tighten up your face and neck is a great way to stay beautiful without the spa pricetags. It’s relatively fast and easy to use a cryotherapy wand at home.

Professional Vs. Home Cryotherapy

Before you ask how much a cryotherapy machine costs, you should ask how it works. It’s important to know what you can and should use a device for before you buy. More importantly, you need to understand the differences between a home cryotherapy treatment and a professional spa or medical treatment.

Large Cryotherapy Machines

Cryotherapy uses cold to do varying things to your body. In extreme cases, full-body cryotherapy chambers can be used to help target fat cells, killing them so your body will get rid of unwanted fat. Through cold-induced thermogenesis, people can see up to a three percent loss in body fat over the course of treatments. However, home cryogenesis isn’t used for weight loss. The machines that perform that service are run by professionals and cost thousands of dollars.

Additionally, these chambers can be used therapeutically for inflammation and skin issues. There may even be some evidence that they can help reduce dementia in the elderly since it reduces inflammation and oxidative stress on cells all over the body. This incredible tech might even be able to help destroy cancer cells from skin cancers.

It’s important to understand that these professional cryotherapy machines are more than just a large-scale version of a home cryo wand. The massive machines have temps that dip down between –148 degrees Fahrenheit and –220 degrees Fahrenheit. Overuse of these huge machines can cause serious damage or even kill a person.

Moreover, large cryotherapy machines can be painful. Your body is literally freezing. While some medical centers may have topical numbing options, most people simply have to tough it out and sit through their brief therapy sessions.

Home Cryotherapy Machines

Fortunately, your home cryotherapy machine is much safer. Since it’s not meant for the same use, it doesn’t get near as cold. Typically a handheld cryotherapy device only gets down between roughly negative fifty and one hundred. While this is still enough to cause frostbite or other problems, it’s a lot less likely to kill someone who is incautious. Because it is a small, localized treatment, it is safer.

Home cryotherapy wands are used for pain relief by reducing inflammation. They can comfort a sunburn or other burnt skin. Furthermore, they work exceptionally well for firming and tightening skin when used regularly and can reduce your pores’ size because cold causes those pores to close up naturally.

Unlike a full-body machine, home cryotherapy is unlikely to cause difficulty shutting down the machine. Since you can only cool one small part of your body at a time, there’s little to no risk of shivering muscles preventing you from exiting and turning it off. There is no exit because you don’t get inside. Instead, you place a small cooling head on your skin manually.

Still, it is important not to overuse a home cryotherapy machine, and you should never fall asleep during a treatment. Otherwise, you could damage your skin. However, the bonus to these clever machines is that you can pay less than you would for a single professional treatment and use them for years. Almost all home cryotherapy tools have additional features that give you value-added beauty treatment options, such as vibrational massage.

I recommend trying a Manli Cryotherapy Facial Massager from Amazon. In addition to its cold setting, which reaches a frosty -108°F, this machine also has a heat setting. Moreover, it also offers vibration and both red and blue light to improve your skin’s overall texture and appearance. The easy-to-read LCD screen and automatic power-off functions are also outstanding. Read the Amazon Reviews for yourself by clicking here.

Cryotherapy Uses

What can you do with an affordable home cryotherapy wand? Certainly, cooling (and often heating as well) is useful for more than you might expect. There are many benefits to having a handheld cryotherapy wand at home. The list below includes the top five uses for home cryotherapy devices.

  1. Reduce Swelling and Bruising- When you fall or stub a toe, those goose eggs that pop up can be painful and annoying. In the past, parents would have children put a cold steak or a bag of frozen peas on such injuries, and many still do. However, that’s not exactly a sanitary solution. Instead, a few minutes with a cryotherapy wand that is easy to wipe off can solve the same problem without rubbing food on it. You can also reduce muscle inflammation with the cooling power of cryo.
  2. Skincare- Using regular cryotherapy on your face and skin can help reduce tension, minimize pores, and improve your skin’s overall appearance.
  3. Migraine Headaches- There are several solutions for migraines, but when you hurt and can’t stand the light, sometimes just swallowing a pill seems like too much. Instead, grab your portable cryotherapy wand and use it to relieve the pressure in your head gently. By applying cold to your neck, you may be able to reduce your pain significantly.
  4. Burns- Whether it’s from the sun, or a stovetop, burns hurt because your skin is cooking. Stop the process and relieve the pain with cooling from your cryo wand.
  5. Eczema- This unsightly and often itchy skin condition causes embarrassment and discomfort. While there haven’t been many studies yet, preliminary evidence suggests that cryotherapy may help reduce outbreaks of Eczema.

A Hermano Electric Vibration Hot and Cold Face Massager are perfect for any beauty and pain-reducing self-care regimen.  The high-frequency vibration, 8200 times per minute, stimulates circulation. Meanwhile, the hot and cold settings help soothe and smooth your skin. Plus, this model comes with a twelve-month warranty and superb customer service so you can relax and treat yourself worry-free. To have Amazon deliver a Hermano to your door, click here.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Home Cryotherapy Machine

Home cryotherapy machines are fairly cost-effective. While there are multiple styles, and some can get pricey for a more spa-like experience, most range from around thirty to just over fifty dollars. Unlike their huge cousins in medical centers and spas, they offer personalized self-care in the privacy of your own home.

Typically, you can expect a higher price tag to come with more features. Well-established companies with high-quality standards are likely to charge ten or twenty dollars more, but it’s well worth the extra. Using the cheapest knockoff products on the market is not likely to get the same results as a better quality self-care product.

Especially where electronics are concerned, you don’t want a manufacturer who cuts corners. The complex insides of machines have to regulate dozens of processes, and you need to be able to rely on your cryotherapy machine to do what you expect. Especially if you are working to reduce migraines, eczema, or other medical conditions, it’s crucial to use reliable equipment for the best results.

MySweety Portable Sonic Electric Cryotherapy Wand can help you get cleaner pores, improve skin texture, and relieve fevers and sunburns. Recommended for twice-weekly use, this device has both a hot option to open pores for effective cleansing and a cryotherapy option that gets down to – 42° to close the pores again when you’re done. Plus, it comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual and a charger. Grab yours from Amazon by clicking here. 

Ultimately, the relief and rejuvenation these devices can provide pay for itself many times over. You can skip the expensive spa treatments and relax at home instead.


Final Thoughts

Most people aren’t going to put a whole cryo-chamber in their homes, although you certainly can. However, a smaller, more portable cryotherapy machine for your face is within your reach. For no more than you’d pay for a decent face cream, you can add this clever tech to your beauty routine.

Especially during a pandemic, or even regular cold and flu season, going out for treatments can be risky. Skip the extra germs and opt for self-care at home instead whenever possible. You can look and feel great without being overexposed to every virus this winter.

Choose a high-quality home cryotherapy machine, and you’ll see the results for yourself. Anyone can use the cooling therapy to give their face a more youthful glow for the holidays, and they make great gifts as well.

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