Does Lysol Kill Pinworm Eggs? The Answer May Surprise You…

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When it comes to our health, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our health and keep us free from bacteria and infections.

Pinworm infections, also known as enterobiasis, is a human parasitic disease which is caused by pinworms. Not head or pinworm before?

That is okay, we will explain everything about pinworm eggs, including how to kill them, and whether Lysol can kill this unpleasant parasitic disease.

Let us discuss whether or not Lysol does, in fact, kill pinworm eggs. In this article, we are going to talk about the following key areas:

  • What is Pinworm Eggs?
  • What are the signs to look out for?
  • What is Lysol?
  • Advantages of using Lysol for killing pinworm eggs
  • Disadvantages of using Lysol
  • Things to consider!

What Are Pinworm Eggs?

Pinworm infection is caused by worm-like parasites that infect human’s intestines, rectal, and anus areas. Pinworm infection is most common in young children, however, the infection is likely to spread to other people living in the same household.

Pinworms are visible. They will range in size, but typically they will be around 2-13 mm in length. They are white and resemble a worm. Pinworm eggs, however, are small and transparent and can only be seen through the use of a microscope.

What Are the Signs to Lookout For?

Pinworm infection, or enterobiasis, is a nasty infection that does cause a few symptoms. Not many people are aware of pinworm infection, and therefore they have no idea what to look out for when it comes to their children.

Below we have provided a few key signs and symptoms that you (or your child) might experience if you have pinworm:

  • The most notable symptom is discomfort and itching around the anal/rectal area
  • Rashes or skin irritations around the anus or vagina
  • Insomnia, restlessness, or difficulty falling to sleep due to skin irritation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bladder discomfort (change in habits regarding urine)

How Do You Get Pinworms?

Pinworm infection is easily spread. It can spread from person to person. Pinworms can survive up to 2 weeks on bedding, clothing, toys, objects, even people.

For more information about how you get pinworms, there are lots of informative videos and articles that can be found online regarding the disease.

What Is Lysol? Does Lysol Kill Pinworm Eggs?

When we talk about pinworm infections, Lysol is often brought up. Lysol is a cleaning and disinfectant product that can be used to remove unwanted bacteria from objects. It is an all-purpose cleaning product that can be used to eliminate germs and commonly touched hard or soft surfaces.

So, does Lysol kill pinworm eggs? In a word, no.

The Truth About Lysol’s Ability

There has been nothing in science to prove that pinworm infection can be conquered by Lysol or any other disinfectant product. Yes, it might minimize some of the germs and bacteria hanging around, but there are other ways in which you need to consider to prevent pinworm infection.

Below we have outlined a few simple, yet highly effective, way in which you can start doing if you suspect or know someone has pinworm:

  • Washing your hands regularly with warm, soapy water
  • People who are infected should bathe every morning. Showering is recommended more than baths. This is because showers avoid contaminating the bath water
  • Avoid putting siblings in the same bath/shower if you suspect any of them to have pinworm
  • Cut fingernails regularly to avoid spreading
  • Avoid biting nails
  • Avoid scratching any area of your body that has become irritated by the infection
  • Frequent changes of clothing, especially underwear
  • Frequent changes of bed sheets

This all sounds a little tedious, and you probably know what to do in the event of an infection. Pinworm eggs can be a tricky nuisance to get rid of. It is so easily spreadable that it does make it hard to control.

How to Kill Pinworm Eggs

It is important that you are able to quickly learn how to kill pinworm eggs, in order to stop the infection from spreading in your household.

Of course, the list we provide cannot be taken as completely guaranteed. However, we have provided you with some ways to reduce the risk of pinworm spreading, and how to treat people in your house if they have been affected.

  • If you suspect someone to have pinworm, use the tape test. Take a piece of cellophane and wrap it around your fingers with the sticky side out. Press the sticky tape on the skin around the anus. The eggs will stick to the tape if a person has pinworm. The tape test should be done before your child goes to the toilet in the morning.
  • If someone has pinworm, they will need to receive doses of medication. Generally, everyone living in the same household will be treated, even if only one person has it.
  • Garlic is said to be a good home remedy to help get rid of pinworms. Eating garlic is said to kill the eggs – although this has not been scientifically proven.
  • Again, turmeric is another home remedy that people say help to eliminate those unwanted parasites.

As you can see, there are no guaranteed ways to kill pinworm. It really is a case of taking each day as it comes and do everything to help eliminate germs. In this article, we have shown that there have been no scientifically proven methods for killing pinworm eggs. It can be difficult to get rid of these germs, but it is recommended that you maintain clean clothes and body, and try to keep the house as germ-free as possible. After all, spraying Lysol overall hard and soft products can only help!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Lysol products are useful in all types of situations. It has been proven to be a remarkable antiseptic, as well as a cleaning product.

Although Lysol is not said to kill pinworm eggs, it is recommended in order to keep your house and objects free from any further bacteria. Infections are easily transferred from one person to another, and therefore using disinfectants is just one way to tackle those dreaded pinworm eggs.

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