TENS Machines Pros and Cons: Why and How to Use Electrical Nerve Stimulation

If you’ve never used a TENS machine before, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise because this electrical device can help you manage pain and other issues. However, it’s always smart to learn about the pros and cons of a Tens machine before you start placing electrodes on your body. Unfortunately, since there is a live electrical current, there are things you should never do with this device. That said, there are many therapeutic benefits to these affordable and portable machines, and pain management is one of the most outstanding. Used properly, TENS can become one of the best non-invasive tools in your arsenal of pain relief. I’ll walk you through all the good things you can use TENS to accomplish and the common sense warnings that apply to help you use it safely and effectively. Once you understand how and why to use your TENS, you’ll be surprised by how much it relieves your stress and pain. Stop suffering and use this pain manager the right way.

What are the pros and cons of a TENS machine? The pros of TENS machines include the fact that they generally safe and effective pain management tools. Meanwhile, the cons include mostly common sense advice on how not to use electricity on your body. These surprising devices are beneficial for chronic pain, stress, and even anxiety when you use them properly. Best of all, it doesn’t take much effort to learn how they can work for you. 

How Does a TENS Machine Work

Regardless of the pros and cons, the TENS machine is both simple and brilliant. By creating rhythmic pulses of controlled electricity, this device helps reduce inflammation, stimulate nerve endings, and even relax muscles with a massage-like feeling. Bodies use electrical signals to control everything we do, so a TENS machine is effectively adding to the conversation your brain has with your body by sending other signals.

By stimulating nerve cells, TENS can inhibit the transmission of pain signals to your brain. Moreover, the stimulus can also trigger endorphins in your body. These happy chemicals are natural pain relief, so using a TENS machine is a way to help your body help itself, or at least stop hurting.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. With a power source, typically a battery, you apply very mild electrical pulses to your skin and the nerves below. Through electrodes, you direct the current where you need it most, which helps stop the pain.

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Pros of a TENS Machine

The main pro of a TENS machine is pain relief, but it can be used in many ways. Not only do these unique devices promote natural pain relief, but they can also provide relaxation as well. The list below includes the top ten benefits which using a TENS machine can have on your body.

  1. Labor Pains- Mothers can use a TENS machine during labor to reduce pain naturally without an epidural.
  2. Peripheral Artery Disease- The hardening of arteries is a serious and potentially deadly problem. Using this device can help promote blood flow throughout your body.
  3. Period Pain and Cramps- Reducing menstrual cramps can mean taking many pills or losing days of work when you stay home in bed, but a TENS machine can help reduce that significantly.
  4. Endometriotic Pelvis Pain- Just as it reduces period cramps, other pelvic pain can find relief through mild nerve stimulation from a TENS unit.
  5. Osteoarthritis- Swollen joints are more than painful. They can impede motion making even simple tasks almost impossible. However, you can use this device to help relieve pain and swelling.
  6. Fibromyalgia- This invisible problem causes extensive pain, but proper nerve stimulation can get you back to feeling well sooner.
  7. Diabetic Neuropathy- When the nerves connecting your spine and brain to your body become damaged, it can cause constant suffering. Luckily, this is another pro of the TENS unit as it can reduce that pain as well.
  8. Sports Injuries- It’s hard enough to get in good shape to play sports, and getting injured can be devastating. However, a TENS machine can help reduce pain, increase blood flow, and minimize swelling, so you get back to playing sooner.
  9. Back and Joint Pain- As we age, our backs and joints tend to develop pain even without other conditions. Use a TENS machine to help alleviate these aches, and you will be more functional.
  10. Bursitis- The fluid-filled sacks that help cushion our moving joints can become inflamed. Electrical stimulation will help cut down on the associated pain from this condition as well.

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Cons of a TENS Machine

Although the list of pros from a TENS machine is exceptional, there are some cons. Luckily the downside is relatively minimal. Overall this brilliant technology is a superb pain management tool and more.

It is important always to follow the manufacturer or doctor’s instructions when using any treatment. However, this is especially true when using a potentially harmful treatment such as an addictive prescription drug, cryotherapy, heat, and of course, electricity. Happily, the risks of using TENS machines are minimal and mostly based on common sense.

Unless otherwise stated specifically, you cannot use a TENS Unit in water. Wash all oils and lotions off the skin and dry thoroughly. It’s best to keep any electronics away from water sources as it can shock you or destroy your equipment if dropped or splashed. You should also avoid using TENS in an extremely humid space like a bathroom. Likewise, you need to avoid having wet skin or dripping wet hair around your TENS.

Additionally, you should never use your TENS while you’re driving or sleeping. It’s important to be aware and avoid distraction since you should always be able to turn off and remove your device if you feel discomfort, dizziness, or other uncommon side effects. Also, keep in mind that you should never remove or readjust your machine while it is on.

People who cannot communicate, pregnant women (except under supervision during labor), and people with implantable devices should never use TENS machines. Children and people with certain health conditions like arrhythmia should not use TENS. Similarly, if you have metal plates or pins, it’s best to consult with your physician before using electrical stimulation.

Overuse can result in red, uncomfortable, or even burnt skin. If you have trouble with a lack of sensation on the skin, like numbness, you may not apply a TENS unit. Moreover, you can’t place it on broken, infected, or recently irradiated skin.

Lastly and most vital, you always need to follow the directions carefully. There are numerous places on the body where you should not use this type of stimulation. For example, near the heart and brain are never appropriate places for electrical stimulation.

Incorrect use of a TENS unit can interfere with the electrical signals in your body. Though it’s most noticeable in your heart or brain, improper TENS use can also result in seizures. Oddly, another lesser-known downside to this machine is that RF (radio frequency) equipment can interfere with it, and you should never use your TENS near portable RF equipment.

As you can see, all the cons to a TENS machine are based on common sense or operational efficiency. Most of the negative effects or warnings apply only in certain conditions and can be easily managed merely by following the directions.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing a TENS Machine for pain relief and management is a sage decision. As you can see, the pros are stellar, and the cons boil down to how important it is to follow the directions and practice common sense. Plus, these devices are cost-effective and widely available.

Since you don’t need to limit your use to once or twice a day, you can feel better all the time. Moreover, most TENS are highly portable, so you can take them with you anywhere you go. From vacations to work or relaxing at home, TENS can help you stay comfortable and functional.

If you have never tried this incredibly effective electrical device, then I strongly recommend it. While the tingling can be surprising, you’ll be even more taken aback by how useful this tool is.


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