Is an Acupuncture Pen Safe: Manage Pain Without Worries

So you’ve tried acupuncture, and it’s great, but now you’re ready to upgrade to home treatments, and you want an acupuncture pen. Naturally, you have questions, like whether it’s safe, and how does it work? You should always ask about self-care products and read the directions and warnings carefully. I will break down all the details so you know when and how to use your acupuncture pens safely. After all, feeling less pain and tension shouldn’t stress you out because that is counterproductive. The good news is that you can carry a portable acupuncture solution anywhere you go to help relieve your symptoms. However, there are some common-sense safety precautions that you need to keep in mind, so you don’t overdo it.

Is an acupuncture pen safe? Used properly, acupuncture pens are safe. Moreover, a good acupuncture pen can help you manage pain and may improve your quality of life as a result. Using noninvasive pain management techniques like this device is an excellent way to practice self-care and minimize, or at least lessen some symptoms that cause discomfort or limit your mobility. 


Is an Acupuncture Pen Safe to Use

If you’ve never used an acupuncture pen, then it may surprise you to learn that it has no needles and is electric. How safe is it to use an electric acupuncture pen on your body? Will it hurt? Should you be concerned?

Acupuncture pens are quite safe. The amount of electricity running through these small devices is minimal. It is certainly enough to stimulate skin, muscle, and nerves. When dealing with electricity, there are two different aspects to consider. The wattage and amperage affect a body differently.

Most people worry about watts, but the real danger comes from higher amperage. Fortunately, an electroacupuncture pen has low wattage. Resultantly, these clever devices can do little more than cause some discomfort at worst. Moreover, everyone has a different pain threshold, but the pain is seldom an issue, and most have scalable charges, so you can turn them down if it’s ‘too much.’

By delivering a targeted electrical point of stimulation, acupuncture pens are used to relieve a substantial jolt of amperage pain and tension rather than causing it. It would take to cause serious damage to your body. Your pen simply doesn’t have enough power to do this.

How It Works

A needle has to penetrate your skin to stimulate a nerve. You can see this clearly, so it makes a lot of sense, but electricity isn’t always visible. A huge amount of electrical power like a lightning bolt is easy enough to spot, and you can even see a static shock if it’s dark, but you probably won’t ever see your acupuncture pen do its job. However, you will feel it.

Electric current passes directly from your pen tip into the skin. This tiny charge stimulates the nerves in the same way a needle might, without leaving a hole. Moreover, adding a physical needle to an acupuncture pen wouldn’t make sense.

Since acupuncture needles are FDA regulated and can only be used once, it’s vital not to sell reusable needle products. Not only is this unsanitary, but over time needles lose their sharpness, and they can rust. An acupuncture pen is more closely related to the TENS unit that uses wider electric charges for pain control and muscle stimulation than a traditional acupuncture needle.

Aiooy’s Acupuncture Pen from Amazon is a superb way to practice self-care and manage pain without invasive procedures or drug therapies. With five different tips and the ability to control the current, you can make sure the treatment is right for you. Use a lower setting for sensitive skin, or dial it up for more serious pain management. Learn more by clicking here. 


How To Use Your Acupuncture Pen

Although various acupuncture pens have slightly different uses and safety, there are some general rules to stick to. First, don’t use electrical stimulation on wet or oily skin. Since water is highly conductive, it may channel the charge away from where you need it. Furthermore, it could result in discomfort.

Some models come with a unique moisturizing gel. If your acupuncture pen recommends it, then use that gel per the directions. Often this means coating the tip rather than your skin but remember to start with clean, dry skin.

There are two general methods for acupuncture pen use. The first is a sustained burst, and the second is a quick sequence of bursts. Some electroacupuncture pens are designed to automatically give a sequence of bursts when you use them, while others ask you to click for yourself.

It is always vital to read the directions that come with your particular device carefully, so you get the appropriate amount of treatment. If you feel you need more, consult with your doctor to determine if this is safe. However, it would be best if you did not use your pen on the same spot more than two or three times per day unless your doctor recommends it.

You must understand your specific model and only use it in a manner consistent with manufacturer and doctor recommendations. While these pens are safe to use, overexposure can cause problems. When in doubt, always ask a professional’s advice and discontinue use if you are unable to find a comfortable setting.

Acupuncture pens should not hurt. If you’re in doubt, always begin on the lowest possible setting and only increase gradually, stopping when you reach a tolerable level. Most people benefit significantly from electrical nerve stimulation. After all, the goal is to reduce your pain and stress, not to increase it.

How Fast Will You Feel Relief

Many people find instant relief using an acupuncture pen. However, each body has a unique biology. Although it’s rare, some people experience a flare-up after the first few sessions, with relief coming later in the day. Meanwhile, others require a few applications before they begin to feel the benefits.

One of the nicest things about an acupuncture pen is that you can keep it around and use it as needed to help control pain. So long as you follow the directions and don’t over-use the pen, it will help for years to come. Unlike some drugs, you will not build up resistance, and it’s completely non-invasive, so there’s no risk of scarring.

I recommend trying the Painslayer Acupuncture Pen. This clever device has both acupuncture and TENs functions, so you can get more relief without the need to carry or purchase extra equipment. Furthermore, the company guarantees satisfaction. See the Amazon reviews for yourself by clicking here


Do You Still Need Acupuncture If You Have an Acupuncture Pen

Safely using your acupuncture pen at home is not the same as a full professional acupuncture session. A licensed acupuncture therapist has far more experience and practice in releasing your qi flow, removing toxins, aiding health problems, and stimulating nerves than a DIY pen user. If you need more pain management than your handheld device offers, then you should absolutely go for full acupuncture sessions.

For some, a fear of needles is problematic. However, acupressure and electroacupuncture may be options offered by professionals in your area. Still, carrying this small pain relief device is enough of a solution for some. Moreover, it always makes a great supplement to other pain management routines since electricity has no drug interactions and has no invasive wounds to heal.

Ultimately, it is up to you how much pain management and healing you pursue. Most people would benefit from more in-depth healing as well as daily management. A lucky few can get by with just the acupuncture pen alone.

The Camtoa Electronic Acupuncture Pen from Amazon is a high-quality option for those seeking relief. The after-sale service from this company is excellent, and Camtoa encourages users of its products to contact them with questions and concerns. Moreover, there’s a sixty-day moneyback guarantee. Have yours delivered to your door by clicking here. 


Most people can and should use electrical acupuncture pens for pain relief. However, anyone with metal under their skin should consult a doctor before trying any electrical therapy. Whether it’s a plate in your head or a pin in your hip, electricity is attracted to metal. This can interfere with the safe and effective use of your acupuncture pen.

Likewise, anyone with shrapnel, ore even piercings should be wary of using any electric device near that metal. Remember to remove your metal jewelry, and always practice common sense in keeping electricity away from conductive materials.


Final Thoughts

Using a handheld acupuncture pen is a wonderful way to get the relief you need between professional sessions. Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation or want to manage your pain without drugs and invasive techniques at home, you can use this device to help. Everyone should try it.

Please be careful when treating yourself at home. Remember that self-diagnosis should never take the place of a professional medical doctor’s advice. Furthermore, always read the directions for your specific acupuncture pen even when you’ve used others ‘just like it’ in the past. Models and features change over time.

No one should need to be in pain or uncomfortable when there’s an easy solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Skip the stress, and try out an acupuncture pen at home.


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