Is An Acupuncture Pen Helpful

Acupuncture pens are an instrument that promises to work as a substitute or even a complement to actual acupuncture needles. They work with a laser instead of having a pointy edge. They supposedly have the same effects that the needles would have on your body.

The whole reason why they were created in the first place is that they’re convenient. Imagine that you’re stressed out and want the effect that an acupuncture session would have on your whole body.

So, you want to relax and release all the bad chemicals produced by your stressful routine. Now, there’s a problem. You don’t have time to go to an acupuncture session. So, what do you do? Acupuncture pens want to be that answer.

So, you ask yourself. Is an acupuncture pen helpful? The answer is yes. Acupuncture pens are helpful because they produce similar results to the needles. They relax your musculature and help your body get rid of the toxins.

Even though there is some skepticism around their efficiency, customers agree that the results are real. It’s not that hard to understand because the laser technology isn’t hard to comprehend.

The edge of the pen touches the skin (in an unpainful way) and creates the same effects that the needle would have. The best thing is that anyone can do it. This makes the acupuncture more accessible and convenient.

Still, some people question their effectiveness and what the real advantages of having one are. When you take your time to understand it all better, it isn’t hard to see why they’re becoming so popular. Below you have a deeper look into every component of the acupuncture pen to better understand if it’d work for you.

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No Needles Involved

The head of an acupuncture pen is usually rounded. It’s similar to a massager. The head is in constant contact with the skin, giving you the same benefits of the needle without poking your skin.

The acupuncture pen is perfect for people that have a phobia when it comes to needles. It’s also a great option for people that are taking blood thinners. You just have to turn it on and press it against the skin as it is taught.

Due to not having a needle, the acupuncture pen is seen as not effective or even having no real results. That’s simply not true. The no-needle technology may be even an advancement to the whole acupuncture practice.

Still, the goal of the acupuncture pen is not to replace the whole acupuncture practice. The conventional treatment will continue to be the main option. Now, to be able to continue treatment at home is an even better possibility.

Easy To Manage The Treatment

One of the best things about the acupuncture pen is that it’s perfect for the patients that have a phobia when it comes to needles. Now, beyond that, they’re really perfect for the patients that want to sort of extend their treatment at home.

If you know the right spots in your musculature, you can use the pen at home. Now, obviously, it’s still important that you continue to do the treatment with a professional. The point is that you can use the pen by yourself after you have done the treatment with the needles.

Besides the actual use of the pen, what makes it easy to manage the treatment is the fact that it’s easy to charge and to take with you. The acupuncture pen usually comes with batteries that are easy to replace.

So, the acupuncture pen is quite helpful to your treatment. One of the main reasons that is the case it’s because it is quite easy to manage the treatment with them. For example, if you try to use the needles by yourself, it won’t be possible.

Great Complement

The acupuncture pen is sometimes used as the only form to treat stress or muscular pain. You could try something like this and see if it works for you, but it’s ideal that you use it as a complement to your acupuncture treatment.

Most users reported having had an increase in their satisfaction with the traditional treatment after they started using acupuncture pens. Even if you don’t do acupuncture, you could benefit from the pen.

For example, many patients do other forms of treatments such as physiotherapy and claim that the addition of the acupuncture pen has improved their results. The best you can do in this case is to test it out and see if you get similar results.

So, the ideal scenario is that you use the pen as a complement to the main treatment. You can still try to use it as the main one, but it’s recommended that you don’t. Remembering that acupuncture is already an alternative treatment to conventional medicine. Click here to find the latest pricing on an acupuncture pen available on Amazon.

It’s Portable

Humans love convenience. That’s why many people became millionaires by creating products that would make things more convenient. If you can get something faster and easier, it may not be the best, but you’re going to go for the convenient one.

With that said, this is what makes this acupuncture pen thing so helpful. With any traditional treatment or even with conventional acupuncture, you have to go places and waste time to get it done. Now, the acupuncture pen solves all those problems with one simple product.

You have a portable device that can go anywhere with you. What happens then is that you can take your treatment anywhere. The fact that is so easy to use and tiny makes the acupuncture pen perfect.

So, if you want convenience, which everyone does, the acupuncture pen may become even more interesting to you. Just remember that you have to have discipline with your treatment to see real results.


Buying something that would turn out to be a hoax would be quite disappointing. That doesn’t happen with acupuncture pen. There are many professionals with years of experience with acupuncture treatments that stand behind it. The technology is simple but it’s still as effective.

Efficiency is one of the main reasons the product is really taking off. As with any acupuncture treatment, it will take a while before you see the results that you want, but sometimes even after the first time, you can notice something.

The pen is helpful because it tackles the muscle groups as efficient as the needles. With the advantage that it isn’t an actual needle and you can do it yourself if you know the right spots.

So, even though it is a simple instrument and it isn’t a needle, the acupuncture pen is quite efficient. It does reduce pain and stress. This is obviously important due to the toxins that otherwise would be released in your system.

How It Works

The acupuncture pen works increasing blood flow and reducing pain in your muscles. The pen uses a technology that helps the body heal better the same way the acupuncture needle does. The upside is that you have a painless experience.

So, let’s say you got an acupuncture pen. The first thing is to obviously put the batteries and turn it on. Once you are ready to use it, you have to touch the head of the pen on your skin. Put the pen on the area that you want to use. It’s important that you know where you’re going to treat at first. For example, if you want to treat your arms, be aware of the spots that you have to tackle to make your healing more efficient.

So, as you can see, it’s very easy to use an acupuncture pen. You do have to know something about acupuncture, but nothing that you can find online. Just make sure that you do the treatment correctly. To learn more about one of the most popular acupuncture pen available, click here to get the latest pricing on Amazon.


The benefits of using an acupuncture pen specifically are obviously the portability, how easy it is to use, the technology, the fact that anyone can use, among many other things.

Now, when it comes to acupuncture in itself, the benefits are even better. You can get rid of many musculoskeletal pains. This includes back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and many other issues.

It gets even better. The acupuncture pen can help with migraines, nausea, headache, and other maladies. The point is that the benefits are many. Imagine being able to get rid of that terrible chronic migraine.

Obviously, to be able to enjoy those benefits, you have to follow the right treatment and have the discipline to follow it through to the end. Many people do acupuncture for 2 sessions and then say it doesn’t work. You have to give it time. So, make sure you do that and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, an acupuncture pen is more than helpful. It’s a great addition to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and chronic pain as well. The benefits far outweigh any concerns that you might have. So, you should totally give it a try.

It’s easy to carry it around, efficient, and easy to use. All you have to do is to learn where the right spots are and start your own treatment. Even better is the fact that you don’t need to go through needles again.

That’s it. The acupuncture pen will be a great addition to your treatment. If you can’t or don’t want to, it may be the only thing that you use. It’s more convenient than the other options, so it makes sense.

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