Does An Acupuncture Pen Work: Portable Self Care and Healing Tools

When you need pain relief getting a good acupuncture appointment is a great way to practice self-care, though getting seen can take time. Keeping an acupuncture pen around is an alternative, but does it work? The idea of being able to do a small-scale version of the full professional level pain relief at home is certainly tempting. Of course, it doesn’t matter unless it really helps. I will explain the three different types of home acupuncture pens, how they’re used and how they work so you know everything you need to choose for yourself. Living with pain isn’t something you should have to do. It lowers your quality of life. Fortunately, there may be a solution in the palm of your hand.

Does an acupuncture pen work? Acupuncture pens work. However, there are three different types of home acupuncture pens, and each uses a different therapy to help reduce or eliminate pain and swelling. Like needles, some methods are more invasive than others, but all three can help with the pain. Between regular treatments, an acupuncture pen is an ideal solution that is safe for daily use.  

Why Does an Acupuncture Pen Work

Merely saying that an acupuncture pen works doesn’t tell you very much, and how they affect your body is interesting. Sadly, there haven’t been many studies done on acupuncture pens or other acupuncture as a whole. However, we do know the theories behind why it helps.

An Acupuncture pen is also sometimes known as a percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device. Although there are different types of pens, they all have a similar effect. Ultimately, what any type of acupuncture pen does is either block or stimulate nerve endings.

Changing the electrical flow between nerves and the brain affects the signal it is sending and receiving. As a result, you feel little or no pain. Moreover, these pens can help increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and have other beneficial effects on stimulating nerves, muscles, or skin.

What Will An Acupuncture Pen Help With

An acupuncture pen should help with all the same things regular acupuncture can assist with. Unfortunately, most people are not flexible enough to reach every spot used in acupuncture. Nevertheless, a pen can aid you in treating many areas, and with minor assistance from a friend or family member, you can easily reach any out-of-the-way acupoints.

Researchgate offers insight into some of the studied effects of acupuncture pens, “… treatment of myofascial pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting and for the relief of chronic tension headache. Laser acupuncture would appear to represent an effective form of acupuncture for the management of these conditions and could be considered as a viable alternative to more traditional forms of acupuncture point stimulation.”

A Cherioll Acupuncture Pen from Amazon can help you get relief fast. With five different heads, which are fast and simple to change, you can get started as soon as the batteries are inside. This incredibly portable pen has a digital display that makes it easy to see the settings clearly. Best of all, acupuncture has no side effects, no healing time, and it’s not addictive, like prescription medications. Read the reviews right here.  

Additionally, acupuncture pens are often used to treat arthritis pain, and swelling. They may help with muscle aches and healing from muscle injuries. There’s even some evidence that acupuncture can assist with anxiety. Used properly, an acupuncture pen can treat most forms of pain and discomfort, so make sure to read the instructions thoroughly for best results.

Three Types of Acupuncture Pens

There are three different styles of acupuncture pens, and all of them work. The least common acupuncture pen is oddly the one most people expect to see. A needle-based acupuncture pen exists, but it is often not recommended for home treatments because many people lack the skill, knowledge, and caution to use it properly.

Meanwhile, the electric and laser acupuncture pens serve a similar function, nerve stimulation, without perforating the dermis. Thus they are both safer and non-invasive methods for pain relief. Don’t let the name fool you. These are considered acupuncture pens because of the portable size and the nature of how they help.

Needle Acupuncture Pens

Like traditional acupuncture, a needle-based acupuncture pen, sometimes known as a lancet, can hold one to four needles. This style is also used for wet cupping and releasing ‘bad or old blood.’ Although it takes more practice and caution than the noninvasive variety, this pen can help with a more traditional self-care acupuncture style. Please do not mistake this device for the same-named instrument that is intended for diabetic blood testing.

The Four Head Blood Lancet Device of Steril Acupuncture is a high-quality example of this style acupuncture pen. Not only is this lancet pen easy to use, but it is also easy to clean. The individual needles are removable after each use and easy to replace, so you aren’t re-using them. Precise positioning is easy with such a portable tool. Learn more by clicking here. 

Electric Acupuncture Pens

Electric acupuncture pens are by far the most common type. Using a dialable intensity electric pulse, this type of acupuncture pen can reach beneath the skin without needing to pierce through it. This safe and effective treatment can do everything a needle can without causing tiny punctures. Resultantly, this is the preferred style.

The amperage on these devices is low enough to be entirely safe. While a high setting may feel uncomfortable to some users, it is not enough to damage the body. Thus, unlike a needle, you cannot harm yourself if you use an electroacupuncture pen properly.

Moreover, these acupuncture pens are similar to the TENS units prescribed in many medical treatments. However, an acupuncture pen uses a metal tip to conduct electricity gently to smaller targeted areas. Alternately, the TENS uses paddles with an adhesive gel.

Some acupuncturists offer a combined therapy that uses a pair of traditional acupuncture needles and a TENS Unit. The effect is similar to a home acupuncture pen. However, the home version uses sticky paddles to conduct the current rather than perforating the dermal layer. This is arguably the best-studied form of acupuncture in the west because it has evidence as described by researchers from both electrotherapies and acupuncture studies.

Light or Laser Acupuncture Pens

Some of the pens that are labeled as laser acupuncture devices are actually electroacupuncture tools. It’s always best to read the description very carefully. Like other light therapy forms, this style is often touted to relaxing muscles or tighten the skin. However, it can also help with painful joints and similar conditions that are traditionally treated through acupuncture.

By targeting light, heat, or both at a small area, the laser acupuncture pen can stimulate blood flow. It may release tension, promote healing or cellular turnover, and even help with nerve pain. However, you may want to look into this style for healing and beauty treatments rather than long-term pain relief.

How To Use Your Acupuncture Pen

Before you see how well your acupuncture pen works, it helps to familiarize yourself with the nerves and acupuncture points. However, you don’t need to be an expert to help reduce your pain at home. A simple chart or instruction manual can show you exactly where to place your pen for the best results.

You should never place your pen directly over your heart or eyelids. Additionally, you should always apply this treatment to clean, dry skin. Wash off any oils or lotions before using an acupuncture pen to make certain they don’t interfere with the treatment.

Read all the instructions included, but always remember to check with your physician as well before beginning any sort of home treatment. Some medications and health conditions can have a negative interaction or make self-care harder. Likewise, people with bleeding issues like hemophilia should never use puncture-based therapy without medical supervision. Talking to your doctor can help you determine the best style of acupuncture pen for your needs.

Muxan’s Acupuncture Pen from Amazon is lightweight and portable. The three different metalheads offer variable treatment options, and nine easy-to-select levels of intensity allow a customized experience every time. Plus, you’ll love the smart acupoint sensor. Have a Muxan Acupuncture pen shipped to your door by clicking here. 

Once you’ve followed all the basic safety precautions and spoken to your doctor, you’re ready to get started. Simply place the pen on the affected area per the instructions and turn it on. You can dial up the intensity based on what feels right to you. Remember to take breaks and stop if you feel lightheaded or uncomfortable.


Final Thoughts

No one wants to be hurt. From sports injuries that will heal to permanent conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, there are many causes of pain but few solutions. You could take prescription drugs, have invasive surgeries, and more, but sometimes a simple daily treatment can be a better option. Especially when you need to heal fast or manage long-term damage and discomfort, having a way to help yourself is priceless.

While all acupuncture pens work, you may find that one style, in particular, is best for you. Whether you prefer needles, light, or electricity is up to you, and what works on your body. However, since all three work, if your acupuncture pen isn’t giving you results, it may help to change to a different type.

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