The Best Way To Cure A Stye (5 Ways That Work Without Fail)

how to get rid of a stye overnight

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Imagine that you just woke up, and you are feeling a discomfort in your eyes. Or imagine that has been a while since you looked yourself in the mirror in a given day, and the discomfort happens.

In either scenario, when you look at what is bothering you, you see this thing that looks like a pimple, emerging in your eyesight.

That is the famous stye. This is one of the worst eye infections not because of its severity, but because it is common, irritating, and it totally has the power to ruin your day.

If you do not know yet, a stye is a bacterial infection in your eyelid glands. When one of the tiny holes in one of those oil glands gets blocked by dirt, dead skin cells, or something similar, you become susceptible to a bacterial infection, developing a stye.

Since it is a common infection, it can be treated at home. It is important to point out though that if not treated, it can become something more serious. So, what is the best way to cure a stye? No need to worry look no further!

With an information overload that we have to deal with nowadays, it is easy to get lost in so much data. That is why we have compiled the best home treatments for you to follow and get rid of a stye as fast as your body possibly can.

Follow the 5 easy treatments below, and you will be on your way to cure it. One important reminder before you begin your treatment is to never squeeze a stye. It is full of pus, and you are only going to make it worse.

Clean It With Soap and Water

First, you are going to need tear-free baby shampoo or a saline solution. With the tear-free baby shampoo, the advantage is that you will not get any irritation on your eyeball, which causes burns.

Now, with the saline solution, you break down bacteria membrane and drain the area.

With one of the two solutions, you are then going to need a cotton swab or a clean dry cloth. This comes down to what you have available and which one you prefer.

Once you have everything, clean the area every day. This will help your eyelids get rid of the bacterial infection faster and prevent any future stye situation that could have happened.

Be gentle to not cause any damage to the skin or the tissue in the area to not create another problem.

Warm Compress

This is, perhaps, the best way to cure a stye. A warm compress not only provides a sort of relief to the area, but it also drains the stye’s pus, stopping the infection.

Again, it is important to highlight that you should be gentle here. If you squeeze or puncture the stye, you are only going to make things worse.

So, wet a cloth in hot water without soaking the cloth. If you must soak it, wring it afterward. Make sure the water is not too hot because the area is very sensible and it is even more because of the stye.

Now that the cloth is damp but not dripping, place in over the stye without squeezing it. Press it against it gently. Leave it there for about 5-10 minutes every time you do it. You can do the warm compress process 4 times a day.

Antibiotics Ointments

Here the tip is to buy over-the-counter antibiotics ointments to be used in or on the stye. They will stop the bacterial infection, which will help your body get rid of the pus and the pain,

It is important to read the instructions since every medication has its own way that it is intended to be used, but the general rule is to apply it in or on the stye. Just pull your eyelids and apply it.

A final tip on the antibiotic ointments is to use a proper medication for styes and not others such as topical steroids that have a lot of different side effects.

Warm Tea Bag

This is another great natural solution. Way too often we jump straight into the synthetic medication option when you could have used something more natural that will be better for our health in the long run.

So, the tea bag method works like the compress, the great thing is that instead of using only warm water, you can use green or black tea to help your body heal faster.

What you do is you boil the water the same way you do when you are preparing tea for you to drink. When the water is hot enough you dive the tea bag in the water for about a minute. Then, you pull it out.

Wait until it is cool enough and place the tea bag in your eyes. It is important to point out that you cannot use the same bag in each eye because you may transfer different bacteria to them.

Do Not Wear Makeup

This is not a cure in itself but more of a prevention. So, when you have a stye it is common to want to find a way to hide it if you have to go out in the public, but if you wear makeup in this situation, you will make things worse.

Here is how it works. When you wear makeup, the products irritate the area and retard the healing process. This way the bacteria does not go away and the infection worsens.

So, under no circumstance wear makeup if you have a stye.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the treatments to cure a stye for good. If you follow one or more of these treatments, your stye is going to disappear in a record time.

Also, remember to prevent it. Since it is a bacterial infection, if you keep your eyelids clean, you can avoid the problem altogether.

Now, just select your favorite treatment and maintain it until the infection disappeared. Also, do not forget that you are not supposed to squeeze the stye or anything similar, or you are just going to make things worse.

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