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Is An Acupuncture Pen Helpful

Acupuncture pens are an instrument that promises to work as a substitute or even a complement to actual acupuncture needles. They work with a laser instead of having a pointy edge. They supposedly have the same effects that the needles would have on your body. The whole reason why they were created in the first […]

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Can Sciatica Cause Abdominal Pain

Your sciatic nerve runs all the way down your legs. When you have inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve, you have what everyone calls sciatica. This results in a pain that can range from mild to severe. Now, imagine that you’re walking down the street in what is a normal day for you. As […]

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How To Stop Ringing In Ears From Sinus

One of the worst feelings that you might have from a sinus infection is to wake up one day and realize that you’re virtually deaf. The sensation of not being able to hear a thing or most things is panicky. If you’ve ever had your ears clogged, you know the feeling of trying to pop […]

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